I'm here, now.
H.264 Digital film, 16:9
43 minutes
'I'm here, now,' is the debut film for screen by the artist collaborative GÂST. Produced during a year of reflection and mentorship supported by Glasgow Life and Creative Scotland, the film stirs from earlier work following the haunts and practices of the last pearl fisher of Scotland, and the writings of ‘naturalist mystic’ Richard Jefferies, on escapism and spirituality.

Comprised of three 'acts', the trilogy starts in the Scottish Highlands in search of solitude and self-discovery. Poetic and personal reflections follow the filmmakers and their friends through dreary romantic ideals of seclusion and 'wellness,' pitted against the painful reality of tourist traps, scenic selfies and bleak bank holiday rain. Act I dissolves as night falls, proceeding onto a parallel plane, Act II, where a seemingly isolated character awkwardly erects a rudimentary enclosure upon the plateau of a Fell. The third and final Act retires within domestic boundaries were earlier ramblings and considerations of the wild seem a distant memory. Now only scenes and stories exchanged from the safety of a window coincide as the confines of the household are extenuated through moments of introspection, idling and leisure.

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